Gordon/BPC, i have a business idea and/or want to cooperate, what now?

  • If you are a student and have feedback about something that you like or dislike (a coach, a video, how something is organized), just email to our support and share it. We have systems in place which will make sure that your voice gets heard. Actually we really appreciate this, that's the only way for us to improve. Thank you!!!

  • If you are a good coach and interested in joining our coaching team, please contact support. We have a vetting process in place

  • If you are company and wish to cooperate, please contact us with a clear and specific proposal (NUMBERS!!!). I'm very direct and we don't need to go on 3 dates before making a deal. I'm not interested in talking on skype with you before getting all numbers straight. Only exception is if your company makes at least $500k yearly profit. Absolute minimum. In such a case we can go on a skype date.
    If we're a good fit, lets do it. Here are good rules, if you don't follow them, your request will be ignored.

    1) On whatever your plan is, give your best offer right away. You get one chance, i dislike negotiating as its usually a waste of time. Usually my answer is going to be yes or no. Keep it simple.
    2) If you're a poker room affiliate, we're not interested unless you plan on promoting our brand strongly. And you'll have to do that before we consider your offer (we're not looking for freebies, we can pay for traffic).
    3) Tell me everything i need to know upfront because my decision is either "hell yeah" or "no" (Nice Article Derek Sivers!) .Aka, all numbers. No long stories, short and simple.

  • "I have a (new) business idea and want you as business partner, cooperate with BPC or need your advice". Ok, if you want any answer at all, make sure you fill a few checkpoints. These will be VERY helpful if you want input from anybody worthwhile.

    1) Share your idea and your business model. If you're worried about somebody "stealing" it, you're stupid, a noob and have no clue. Don't waste my time. You're probably poor and this is one of the reasons why you will stay poor. Because i'm a coach, i will help you fix this leak (hey, i admit i thought the same way!!!). Google "the importance of executing ideas"

    2) What specific skills are needed to turn this idea into a profitable business? More importantly, which skills do YOU bring to the table? Are you making the team stronger or are you the weak link?
    If your answer is only "i got the idea" or some other vague bullshit, then why the hell would anybody - myself included - want to work with you? You're delusional and very likely poor. SKILLS are real and they are important. Dreaming is important, too, but it's only the first step.

    3) Your idea is not unique at all by the way. There are thousands of people who had the idea for facebook. Hundred tried it. One succeeded. Whatever idea you have, there is a high chance that somebody else is working on the same problem. Once you have found them, what makes you believe that you do a better job than them? If you don't have a clear and convincing answer to this question, don't bother me.

    4) What are you looking for from me. Be specific. Typically it is time, money or contacts. I'm not interested in investing into things that i have no clue about. That's what poor people and gamblers do. Are you willing to pay for it? How? Don't offer 20% or 60% of anything. Even 80% of 0 is still 0. Make a real effort to give me something that helps me and you will for sure get what you need. If you don't make that real effort to find out what I (GORDON) want, i will care as much about what you want

    5) If you are pissed off by what you are reading, revenge is sweet. Just become super successful and then show me the email where i called you a poor idiot ;). It's the nicest feeling, because i was in your shoes!

    Last but not least, don't take anything personal. However people react is never because of you, it's because of them.


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