I am looking for 1-1 Coaching, what options do you have available

If you are looking for a 1-1 coach we will certainly help you find one. If you are part of our coaching for profits program where you can get it "for free" - until you win. However, this FAQ here is for people who want to simply pay for coaching with a qualified coach and are not interested in a full step-by-step coaching program.
Fill out the form on the bottom of the page and send it to our support and we will find the right coach for you (even if he is not one of our own!).

We're not here to tell you what to do or not. However, we are the #1 authority when it comes to poker coaching, so we will share some more thoughts about the topic.

Short answer:

BPC only recommends paying for a personal coach if the player is a regular and significant winning player at the limits of NL200 and higher (or equivalent to other online games). The main reason is because through a guided coaching program (you can talk with a coach, many times a week, just like in 1-1 coaching) we can get you results faster AND you will have a more rich learning experience.

The only exception is if you are doing financially very well. We had many very wealthy people (leading 100mio+ companies) take individual coaching lessons from our head coach Gordon. Money was obviously not an issue.

Long answer:

Our head coach Gordon has done more than thousand hours of 1-1, but also sold poker courses and based on his vast experience has found that the most effective combination for student improvement is a mix between different learning methods.

This is the same methodology that has helped our famous success stories make 100k in 9 months after being broke or mediocre players. You have probably heard a lot about them already.
It is also the same methodology that is used today in the Shark Academy and Coaching For Profit program.

Pros of 1-1 coaching:

  • Very individual
  • Easy adaption possible
  • At a very high level of play (NL400+), this is considered the only guided way of improving

Cons of 1-1 coaching:

  • Price. Good quality coaches cost money
  • Lack of structure
  • You pay the coach whether what he teaches will make you more money or not
  • At lower stakes it is often a waste of money because the same leaks & problems can easily be fixed with a scientific coaching program that adapts and tests your leaks (buzzword "artificial intelligence") has developed a scientific understanding through the use of data and reports from our coaches, what the main leaks of each individual player is. The Shark  Academy and Coaching for Profits program make extensive use of these findings.

You're better off joining these programs which will cost a fraction of the price of a 1-1 coach, they will give you the same experience (you can ask a coach in a live setting), you can ask unlimited questions AND is actually more effective for your own progress!
You will have more fun as well, so we highly recommend you to at least give it a try!

Having that said, our first goal is to help you and if you believe that 1-1 coaching is what you are looking for, then we will help you find the right coach for you!

Here is the information we will need from you. We need you to be 100% honest in order to provide you the best coach:

1) What is your total budget for 1-1 coaching in $? If you already have a specific coach in your mind, please let us know

2) What is your maximum budget that you are willing to pay per hour? Coaches rate start at $50/hour up to $1000/hour. If you say $200/hour, we will still recommend you the $80/hour coach if that is the best fit. We will simply not bother to contact our $500/hour coach ;)

3) What game variant do you want to be coached at? NoLimit 6max, PLO, MTT, Spin'n'Go, Live poker....?

4) Which limit did you play and what are your results over the last 100k hands online (or last 1000 tournaments)?

5) What do you believe is your main problem/leak ?

Send us the answers to and we will search for the right coach for you!

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