Should i become a poker pro today?

Short Answer:
Only you know the answer, but if you even think about it, you HAVE TO try it. Why? When you're 80, you will not regret the things you have done, but the things you have not done. Maybe you shouldn't try Heroin, but in the big picture, trying to become a poker pro is a very low risk and the reward is very high!

However, there is one rule:
You have to be willing to do whatever it takes. If not, then don't even bother trying

Long Answer:

First of all, watch two videos:


What you have to be willing to do:

  • Work like a madman.
    My first year of poker (Gordon, the founder) I LIVED poker. Maybe you can't play 60 hours of poker (+ study another 10-20hours) per week now, but you absolutely have to learn how to do this. Probably even more.
  • Forget about work-life-balance.
    Poker is going to be what you will do. Once you make a lot of money (see our successful students who have followed this exact path), you will have time to do other things. Now we do have family dads who made it despite having 3 kids and a full-time job (!!! Rovar, you are the best !!!), however, this requires extra strength on top of everything else
  • Be strong in the tough moments.
    This is very general, but you have to push through barriers and keep going even in tough times. They will make you stronger. See how many of our successful finishers say that the most important lesson they have learned was not only how to play poker, but how to BE A WINNER.
  • Living with parents or having a very active relationship with them is a PROBLEM.
    Yes, if you are very much a people person, becoming a poker pro is not for you. You can play poker for fun, you can even become very good at it and make some money at it. However, every successful online poker pro needs to be able to learn on his own and spend "lonely time" studying & playing.
    Having constant interaction with your parents or many family events is simply a problem. It's not "nice" to say this, but it's a decision you have to make in your life. It's not good or bad, but you have to decide and set priorities. No successful poker player or entrepreneur visited their parents every weekend or spent all Sunday with them. If that's what you're doing, just be HONEST about it. There's no problem at all in doing what you love. Just be AWARE of what you are doing and make sure that you love the trade-off (more time with family >>>>> more money/personal success). I'm not here to tell you which one is better. I'd even argue you can achieve both, but you definitely have to learn to be more in control over your time.


Be honest with yourself and PLAY YOUR CARDS:

In our annual BPC Events I go into more detail about the concept of "playing your cards". This is also about being honest with yourself.

In short, "playing your cards" means becoming the best you can be, but also understanding that there are natural limitations or things that put you at a natural disadvantage towards others. Those disadvantages can be a big advantage at the same time, though.

Stephen Hawking for example. He is physically disabled and no matter "how hard he tries", he will not become a professional basketball player. He is also not physically beautiful so he should waste no time becoming a male model.
So what's left? Well, the guy is incredibly smart and was able to focus his full energy on science. Sometimes decisions are made easier by having fewer options. Stephan Hawking played his cards and I would argue he plays them very well.

Some things are more "obvious" than others. Some things can be achieved with hard work, others can't.

How to find out if you're able and/or willing to do whatever it takes?

Just try it out and stop talking about it like a little cunt. As a coach, it makes no difference for me if you are not willing or unable to do something. The result is the same. And I'm less interested why you didn't do something, I just see if you did it or if you did not.

The best chance you will ever have to achieve your goal as fast as possible is our Coaching For Profits program. You will be pushed to your limits and your coaches will give you every tool at your hand. Some people are scared to find out the truth about themselves, but the truth will also set you free.

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