How much money can i expect to earn by joining the BPC Club?

First of all, BPC never makes any promises that by doing nothing money will come flying to you. We are different than the rest. We actually have real and verified results not only from ourselves (world class coaches, record holders) but more importantly from our students.

So anything from "only" $1000/month up to $3000/month is easily possible to achieve by studying the material from the BPC Club. How much will depend on how seriously you take this.

What we can promise to you is that there is no better and effective training out there. It's also the most fun and engaging you will have ever seen at poker! If you have bigger ambitions and/or want to learn a specific variant at a deeper level, you should definitely join one of our Academies, where you will also get personal attention from our coaches in live coaching sessions and unlimited questions in both live and written format (Coaching/VIP Facebook group).

Keep in mind there are many "coaches" out there who might be ok-ish, sometimes great players, but they are simply incapable of relating to you and teaching you something that works for YOU. In other words, they are bad coaches!

You can follow day-by-day blogs from the past and present students to see what the most successful BPC students do and have done. Then go and look how many of these successes other "coaches" have produced.

You will realize our most successful students were (and still are) normal people like yourself. Some just out of school, single and ready to take on the world. Others already in their late twenties and early thirties with serious relationships or even with children. Even senior people are part of BPC (recently had one very charming older lady in the coachings who did not want to reveal her age!).

You will see that things are like life. Some will give up, but those who persist will win. And they win big. Our data from millions of hands shows that the "average" person can earn $10.000/month and only after that "talent" comes into play.
So this simply confirms what the famous song says:

Fort Minor, Listen to the Lyrics

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