What is the difference between Coaching For Profits and BPC Academy?

Short answer:

The BPC Academy is the "light version" of our famous and most successful coaching program - the BPC Coaching For Profits.  CFP is more made for full-time or "hardcore" players. Players have a strict contract (pay a % of winnings) and a lot of daily tasks. This is great, but not a perfect fit for everybody. Hence we created the BPC Academy

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BPC Academy is the most advanced coaching system.

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You learn step-by-step with guidance from the best coaches in the world. You get access to the 6-max Bootcamp (the most advanced 6max course that covers every possible scenario) and you can join 4-6 live coaching webinar sessions each month (soon possibly even more). You will also join our private facebook group where coaches are members and can discuss with them there.

You don't have to sign any contract or make regular updates to your bankroll and you don't share profits.


Coaching For Profits is for the hardcore player who wants to become the best he can be.

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This is the BPC Academy on steroids. You sign the contract, need to make regular updates to Coaching For Profits software, we split the profits 50-50, so we make sure you do what it needs to succeed. 

You will have access to starter/intermediate/advanced course (based on your level) and can join group coachings (like in Academy), 1on1 coachings, theory coachings.

We also work with the most sophisticated Database expert in the world (Alan Jackson) with whom we refine our strategies and put our education on a scientific level.


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