If I join Coaching for Profits, can I play other formats as well?

For players with a contract of 10.000 Euro or higher, this is NOT allowed. For everybody else, read below.

Let's say you join the 6max-Micro program, but tonight you feel like playing a MTT or some PLO. Is that allowed?

Yes... BUT

We don't recommend this. As a CFP guy, you have higher standards. Sure, relaxing with one MTT is no big deal, but only do this if you also put in at least 200hours/month playing.

Anyways, you totally want to play that MTT or PLO game... we're not going to stop you. But make sure that...

1) You have to clearly separate the bankrolls. Losing money in another format than we coach should not be deducted from your bankroll

2) You should play on a different site from the one you usually play on (so accounting will stay simple)

If this is to stressful or too much work to do for you, then you should seriously consider joining the Shark  Academy instead. It's the CFP "light" experience without having to be too detailed and correct about certain things. We let CFP people join without having to pay a signup fee. 

At CFP, the requirements are simply different. In the Shark Academy, you don't have to report bankroll/winnings, you don't have to do any updates. 


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