Can you reactivate my CFP account?


there are 2 scenarios:

1) You have informed us about your vacation via email. Just show us the copy or let us know your email and we will simply compare the notes and reactivate you. Make sure you were not "gone" for longer than one month, even if you have informed us. In that case, continue point 2.

2) You have not informed us and went invisible despite many polite and very direct warnings: You have breached the CFP contract and as such are no longer part of the program. This is CFP, you got free coaching, you got free everything. We kept our promise, you did not. CFP only works if both partners do their part.

If you can't get yourself to update your bankroll or do the other requirements, that doesn't mean you're a bad person. We have a LOT of players who simply don't want to bother with this stuff for many reasons. We understand this. For players like yourself, we have created the Shark Academy. You get the CFP experience, you get the live coachings, but you can do everything the way you wish in return for a small monthly fee (it's really nothing if you look at the value and attention you get there).

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