How to cancel my subscription ?

We make this step very easy for you (2 clicks) because we want to earn your loyalty by providing great quality content.

If you are not fully satisfied or have some feedback, please be so kind and share your opinion with us. We give special bonuses and rewards for every feedback (good or bad). That's the only way for us to improve and if people like you don't help us, it is a lot harder!

Having that said, please keep in mind that canceling your subscription also means that you might have to pay a signup fee again in the future if you wish to re-join. So please let us know first why you quit and give us the chance to fix the problem. If we can't, then we don't want to get paid anyways!

You're considered a friend either way. We also know that life simply happens and you're welcome back at any time again.

Here is the how-to-guide:

To cancel a subscription you need to log-in and go to "My Account" page.

Click on the link below to go there:

Then go to "Subscriptions" and press on "View" next to the active subscription you want to cancel.


From that page you can click on cancel subscription to cancel it.


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