How does the CFP accounting system work


in this article, you can see the exact formulas that we use in order to calculate profits and how much money is owed.

You do not have to understand what is written below. All you have to do is follow simple instructions and at the end of the day write how much money you have on each poker site (and e-wallet) into our system. Our system does all the calculations for you.

If you follow simple rules, you will never face any problem.

Explanation of terms:
BR = Bankroll
BR increase = You add private money into the bankroll. Effectively this is an increase of the starting bankroll
Cashouts To Yourself = You withdraw money from your bankroll for your own personal use
Share Payments To BPC = Your share of winnings paid to BPC

How is your total profit calculated:

In simple words, we take the size of your bankroll today and check the difference to your starting bankroll. We also assume that the BPC Shares are paid from your poker bankroll.

The Formula:
Current Profit = Current BR - Starting BR - BR Increase + Cashouts To Yourself + Share Payments To BPC

The cool thing is that you never have to think twice. If you made a share payment to BPC of $200, and the next day your bankroll is $200 lower, the profit is still the same with our formula. This is the smart part of our system because you did not lose money at the tables, you simply paid the share.

How is the BPC share payment calculated:

In simple words, we calculate all profits made, divide it equally (50-50) and then deduct all share payments already made. Every payment you have ever made to us is also transparently listed in your account.

The Formula:
Profit Share Owed To BPC = (Current Profit * 0.5) - Share Payments To BPC

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