How to Upload Database Correctly

1. Make sure you upload 1 compressed file which includes

a) A Word document (not .txt document, but a WORD document)with the SAME name as the compressed file.


In this Word document, include:

  • Program name:
  • CFP nickname:
  • Your Poker room screen names (make sure you include ALL of your screen names which you are using for playing, and write them all in 1 line, don't break the line by pressing "enter"):
  • Number of hands you exported:
  • File name:

***Do not actually write "Program name: NL 6-max Micro". Just write "NL 6-max Micro". Same for the other categories - the info sheet should only include the actual information. For example, it should look like this:

NL 6-max Micro


Fish92, Allstar99


AJackson, NL 6-max Micro, 1Nov2015



b) Exported hands  (usually they come in the form of .txt documents) - How to export hands from Hold'em Manager 2 and PokerTracker 4



2) Name the compressed file and word doc info file.

a) Name the compressed file and word doc info file as follows: "your CFP nickname, your CFP program, date. Example: "AJackson, NL 6-max Micro, 1Nov2015"

b) If the file is your end of month upload start the file name and word doc info file with DB and end with the month. Example: "DB, AJackson, NL 6-max Micro, December"

If you do not name the file 100% correctly, if you do not include a word file, or upload wrong formats (not ZIP or RAR), and/or if you do not follow the "Idiot proof guide" 100%, your DB will not get checked, and you are just wasting your time, and the time of the coach - so make sure you get this right!


 3) Upload the compressed file in your CFP Dashboard



4) After uploading, wait for a few hours, maximum one day to receive the complete analysis report. You will get this message after uploading.


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