I wish to quit CFP, how do i do it?


if you think about quitting because you are not satisfied with the program, please be so kind and give us a chance by contacting our support first ( Most problems can easily be fixed. If your decision is final, we would like to know why, but you don't have to tell us if you don't wish.

No matter what you tell us, it has no effect on any financial decision. So you are free and you can be honest.

We don't want you to have to lie to us. We have clear rules and a simple contract anyways, so if you simply want to quit and not give any reason, that is ok. We have automated the process and you will find the easy-to-use guide below.


1) Select "I want to quit CFP" under Finances tab




2) You will be brought to a new page, where you can watch a direct message from Gordon. Confirm if you are sure by clicking "Yes"



3) After you click yes, you will be shown this message and we will be sending you an email for you to settle the remaining balance. 4.png

4) After you have paid the remaining balance, you have now successfully quit the program!

You are still welcome in our community. There is no shame in quitting, we understand that everybody has their path in life. You are welcome to re-join any program at any time.

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