My post does not appear on the forum. What to do?

Our forum has been set to a standard 5000 character limit for each post. 

If you exceed more than 5000 characters in your post, including spaces, and any other characters the forum will not accept your post and as a result, your page will just refresh without posting your topic or thread.

A simple solution is to just split your post into 2. So post the first half and then post again the second half.


Another cause for the post not appearing is the spam filtering. Here are some scenarios that will be sometimes counted as spam:

  • Place a single link or multiple links to a site/s for a business or service.
  • Bump and reply to old topics.
  • Reply to topics and leave a minimal reply like “good” or copy an existing reply in a topic but slip in a link at the end.
  • Titles of some topics may seem not to be relevant to the information in the posts content.
  • Have the display name and username be the website you are linking to.
  • Post in an entirely different language then what is in the topic.

If you want to post a hand on the hand evaluation forum, and it does not appear, remove the link to HM2 or PT4 from the first part of the hand. That will be enough to avoid the spam plugin and hand will appear.

If your post did not appear, try avoiding any of these causes. If you made all correct and still your post does not appear, please contact us at

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