What are the different rake methods and how do they work (dealt, contributed, average, essence)?

How does the dealt method work?

It is simple, everyone dealt into the hand receives an equal part of the rake. So if there are 10 people dealt hands, each is credited with 10% of the rake, no matter who wins the pot or how much money each player put into the pot.

How does the average contribution method work?

It means that everyone who puts money into the pot gets an equal share of the rake credited to them. It favorites loose players, but is not really fair, because a player who puts 1bb in the pot gets same rake credited as a player who puts in 250bb.

How does the weighted contribution method work?

Each player is credited rake in the same proportion in which he put money into the pot. For instance, if you put 45% of the money into the pot and the rake was 2$, you will be credited 90 cents.

How does the essence method work?

The Essence system was introduced to the Ongame network and greatly favorites recreational players. Its calculation depends on a players success in the last 90 days. This means that losing players get a lot more than winning players. The exact formula to calculate how much rake you get back is not known.


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