My poker account got locked, what should I do now?

1) You’re a good guy and new to the site

Unless you have done something against the rules you have nothing to worry. Most of the time it has to do with verifying your identity. Fraud is a huge problem in online poker so poker sites want to make sure that you are not some scammer. They also have to follow a lot of laws. Send them a clear copy of your identity (passport) and a utility bill with your address on it (no older than 3 months). Sending this information will solve 90% of problems


2) You’re a semi-good guy and seasoned

2.1 Travel

If you are logging into your account from a lot of different countries (because you are traveling) tell them that you are traveling a lot, returning home soon and that everything is fine.  The poker site support people are “doing their job”. They are actually protecting you. They don’t want to make your life painful, but they HAVE TO do those things (for many reasons). So play along and your issue is solved quickly. Keep in mind that they also want you to be back on the tables

2.2 Chip Dumping
First of all, you are stupid for doing that. If you chip dumped at a Heads-up table, I don’t think it is unethical. It is against most sites rules and you’re not smart, but you are not hurting anybody. There are strict anti-money-laundering laws, which pressure sites into monitoring “unusual behaviour”. If you do this on a 6max or full ring table BPC will not help you because other players might have gotten hurt / you may have done something unethical. If you were honest and simply lazy/stupid, contact us and we can perhaps help you.

2.3 You are playing under the account of another person or have signed up in the name of your mom/sister/dog
You took the risk and I hope you knew what could happen. BPC can not help you in this case, because in too many cases (not in all) unethical motives are in place. We want to help to make poker an honest place and help honest people. Sometimes policies hit the wrong people (like when you are traveling) and this is where we will help.


3) You’re a bad guy

You’re not welcome here and don’t expect any help from us.



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