I have not received my rakeback, what should I do?

  1. Check your account(s) and see if you have received a payment
  2. For every poker site, there is a specific date when RB & Boni are paid out. If you haven’t received your payment on that day, you should wait 5 more days (poker sites are people, too)
  3. Most payments are automatic, but if you haven’t received it even 5 days after the normal date, please follow the next process



I have not received my RB/Bonus even 5 days after i should have:

Contact the affiliate you have signed up with. If you have signed up without an affiliate, then you need to contact the poker site directly.

Here is the email contact of our affiliate partners. Contact whoever you signed up the account with. NOBODY ELSE WILL BE ABLE TO HELP YOU. or


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