How can I pay for the coaching & courses?

These are the general payment options (available to most of the countries):

  • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex etc): Use the shopping cart on the site
  • Paypal:
  • Neteller :
  • Skrill:
  • Bitcoins: Send to this address:  14DsxsTCUbzhgj9n9go2dQAf3HcBqtXoEf
  • Poker Sites Transfer: This should only be used if you can’t use the other options. Contact us for details (create support ticket) and we will find a way to help you.


Apart from these, for some countries we offer even more payment options. Check the list below:

(select Neteller at checkout to have these options. They will be shown automatically, depending on your country) 


  • Brazil - 

  • France - 

  • Germany - 

  • Hungary - 

  • Romania - 

  • Italy - 

  • Russia - 

  • Spain - 

  • Sweden - 

  • United Kingdom - 







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