What is your refund policy / How can I cancel my membership

Short Version: 

We do not offer refunds on any product unless explicitly mentioned.

Our monthly memberships can be cancelled at any time for any reason. In other words, you don't need a reason. Payments already made are not refunded, but no future payments will be requested.

Explanation of the refund / quitting procedure for each product:

Bestpokercoaching (BPC) has 3 products:

1) BPC Club  
2) BPC Academy
3) Coaching For Profits (CFP)

1) BPC Club is a monthly membership program. You pay a monthly fee. If you would like to cancel your membership just email our support and no future payments will be made. You can still use the product until the end of the monthly cycle of course, since you have paid for it

2) BPC Academy is a monthly membership program, but there is also a sign-up fee. Of course the sign-up fee is never refunded and if you wish to cancel your membership, same rules apply like for the BPC Club. Simply E-mail us and we will do the rest for you.

3) Coaching For Profits. Every CFP student has signed a contract with clear terms on what happens if the student wishes to end the contract. Sometimes "life happens" so we have a professional and friendly way of ending the CFP contract

Why we have (generally) a no-refund policy:

  • Our coaches work hard and produce high quality. Deep inside you know it is not the right thing to ask for refunds (unless the situation is very special / the content of the product doesn’t fit the description)
  • It is for your own good. I know you’re thinking that it is for BPC’s good and not your’s, but listen for a minute. Years of experience have taught me that many people fail to reach their goals, because they give up when the first little problem comes. In poker downswings can be quite normal (even for the best of us). If you learn to be a man and stand with your decision to work on your game NO MATTER WHAT, than you WILL reach your goals. And we will help and we will NEVER give up on you

When do we give refunds (not guaranteed, but more likely):

  • If the producer of the course agrees
  • If you are a loyal long-term member who has already bought several courses. Of course we will have a softer policy
  • If you can prove that you have followed every step, done all homework for 60 consecutive days and your game has still not improved.  You can do this by starting a blog and use it like a journal (everybody who has done this showed great success by the way)
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