Can I pay for poker courses or receive my RB payments in USD or another currency?

Yes you can!

  • Paying in different currencies:
    You can pay in any currency you wish. If you pay in Euro that’d be best, but if that is not comfortable for you, pay in any currency you wish. You can look up the exchange rate on and then send us the equivalent amount in your local currency. We trust you, so there is no need to confirm with us before sending. Also, don’t worry if you pay us 0.02% less than needed. We are not the type of people who count pennies
  • How to pay us with USD or any other currency:
    We accept foreign currency in the same account(s) where we receive EURO payments.
  • Receiving Rakeback (RB) or bonus money in other currencies:
    We offer payments in EURO, USD and GBP only. This is also only for payments that BPC does. If the poker site pays your Bonus/Rakeback directly, we have no influence on that payment.


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