What is Coaching For Profits (=CFP) ?

What is CFP?

Coaching For Profits means that instead of paying a coach per hour (can easily be $500+/hour for a world class coach), you will pay a share of your profits. This gives YOU the chance to get coaching for free from the BPC team until you win real money. This is another way of us showing that we believe in what we teach.

Most other sites/coaches don't offer this option, because talking smart is easy. Producing real results is a LOT of work for a coach! 

CFP is very special to us:

CFP is the “original” BPC. This is how we got famous in the poker world. This is only for the hardcore player who is willing to do whatever it takes to win big. This is for those who want to become the best they can be. This is the Shark Academy on steroids. You get direct access to our science and research center (Alan Jackson) and direct info to what is hot and going on TODAY on poker sites.

World class coaches spend even MORE time with you, often individually and push you hard so you can make your first $10.000 month and after that even more (like so many of our successful students).

The BPC Coaching for profits team is very professional and the most successful in the world.

Here you can apply: Learn More About CFP


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