Can everybody apply to the program? Is there a minimum bankroll needed?

Yes. Everybody can apply. There are (generally) no restrictions. The bankroll restrictions depend on the course you choose.

When starting the program, we had some country restrictions which no longer apply! No matter where you come from or live, you will be able to join!

Depending on your bankroll, you will not be able to apply to every format. For example, if you wish to learn HU NL Holdem, then you will need a minimum bankroll of 1500 Euro.

However, even if you have a bankroll of only 40 Euro, you can apply for example at 6max NL Holdem. This is the easiest and best game for players who are less experienced.

In other words, generally, everybody can apply and will be accepted to the program. We said we can turn EVERYBODY into a big winner.

Each program has slightly different conditions. These conditions will be made very clear before you join (like the size of bankroll needed). You will be accepted instantly, our system is perfected at this point and you could have your first coaching in less than 3 hours!



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