How does Coaching inside CFP look like, which formats are used ?

Depending on the program (6max or HU, PLO or Holdem, MTTs or Cash Games) the coaching can be different.

We are constantly improving our poker strategy. We measure the success of specific lines, strategies, and methods.

We also constantly measure and improve the effectiveness of different coaching formats and methods. You can be assured that BPC is up-to-date with the latest coaching techniques.

We are the experts on this and know which coaching works best. We understand that each student learns in a different way and as such we will be flexible to adapt. Specific formats and methods will change based on what works best.

Also never forget:
The fast we make YOU win, the faster WE win as well! It is in our best interest to give you the best and most effective coaching.

Typical formats and methods we use are, but not limited to:

  • Individual 1-1 Coaching (one student, one coach)
  • Session Review (you prepare hands for a specific session and review them with your coach/group)
  • Hand Review (you prepare trouble hands)
  • Topic (you or the coach prepares hands about a specific topic. For example 3bet pots, turn check-raises, preflop ranges)
  • Live sessions (The coach watches you playing. We rarely us this)
  • Group coachings (this is pretty much like 1-1 coaching if one person prepares the hands/topic, with the exception that other people can watch and learn at the same time)
  • Video Review (the student records himself playing and giving his thoughts in live. The coach watches the recording, speaks his thoughts and sends back the video to the student.)
  • Prepared Video Materials (poker courses, specific videos about a specific topic)
  • E-books/Articles and Idiot-Proof Guides
  • Database Analysis (student sends his database/ last 10k hands and the coach analyses the plays of the student and checks if the student correctly applied lessons. This method will be used more frequently)
  • Posting hands on forums (coaches and other students comment)
  • Mindset/Motivation/Productivity Coaching (typically we don't "coach" this, we LIVE it every day and DO it)
  • Homework/Studying Material
  • QnA with the Coach/Head Coach/Successful CFP Alumni/ CEO

There is no 1-1 coaching for players in 5k or 10k contracts. Every player has multiple times each week the chance to personally speak to a coach anyways. On higher contracts (30k,60k) 1-1 coaching is part of the deal. In the 30k it is given if the player fulfills conditions (such as playing enough hours). In the 60k contract, it is guaranteed.

Sounds good? Well, like we said, you're dealing with real professionals here who get shit done and have proven it over and over again!



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