How much/how many of <your question> do I have to ... ?

How many hours of poker do I have to play each day?

160h per month, on average. If you need to take a few days of break, make sure to let us know in advance. You will be expected to compensate for that break as soon as you are back at the tables, to maintain long-term average of 160h+ per month.


How many hours per day do I have to study?

There is no specific number. We will give you tasks/material/videos from time to time.The earlier you finish them, the faster you can move on to the next lesson. The faster you finish everything, the faster you will earn BIG MONEY.

How many hands do I have to post each day?

As much as you want. As little as you want. Some tasks might require you to post 10 hands about a specific topic and then you will do this. Besides that, you decide how fast you want to improve. We will tell you what you have to do, but YOU have to do it! The more and the faster, the better.

How many coaching sessions will I receive?

You can check out the specific article about coaching formats. The amount and type of coaching depend on what you need in order to get to the next step. Keep in mind that it is in our interest to make you win big as fast as possible! We also have special extra-coachings for the students who work hardest.



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