How is CFP organized (everything from people to finances) ?

The following type of people work for/with/inside CFP:

  •  CFP general manager (answers question about the contract if there are any left)
  • Support (takes care of day-to-day problems)
  • Coaches/Head Coaches (world class players who will make you rich!)
  • Database & Statistic Specialist (will scientifically test all our strategies)
  • VIP Coach (responsible for the education program)
  • Affiliate Manager (for poker sites, bonus & Rakeback)

We also have a great team of developers on board, but the better they work, the less you will notice them!


Daily Duties For The Player:

Update your bankroll in our CFP software (unless you are on vacation or didn't play)
That's it. It's pretty easy and should take no longer than 10 minutes!



It is an automated system inside our software. Just one or two clicks and you click "request a cash out". Generally we advise you to make as little (or none) cash outs as possible so you can move up the limits faster and make more money.
BPC will cash-out its share typically each month.

General Organization:

We pride ourselves on being so professional that we take care of most problems before they even occur.

That's why everything we do looks incredibly easy (from our coaching, to our accounting, to everything). We work very hard to make it easier for you.



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