What is the typical profit split and size of each contract?

Typical profit split:

We use a 50-50 profit split in most of our contracts

Size of each contract:

The size of the contract depends on the type of game you play and how advanced you are. For example, if you play micro stakes, you can take a 5000 Euro contract. If you take mid stakes or high stakes coaching, the contract will be a lot higher (you make more money, coaches are more expensive, you learn material according to your limit etc)

Our smallest contract currently is 5000 Euro, because we want to give people an opportunity to start small. You will learn how to completely crush Micros, how to be a pro. It does not include on how to beat higher stakes.

Essentially it means we will coach you until you make your first 5000 Euro with poker! Our founder Gordon says this is peanuts and baby money and very easy to make for you. I mean, our best students make 3 times as much in a month!
If you look at the BPC success stories, you will understand why and that you can reach this goal very fast.

Our higher contract size will then be 60.000 Euro, but it varies by game and stake. You can simply apply (no payment needed!) and our system will then automatically give you the information for each variation.



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