Why is the size of the contract relatively big?

60k is a lot of money. Why do you have such "big" contracts?



They are not big at all for us. The first CFP players had 100k contracts! What we teach you is so good that in a very short time you will be able to make 10k+/month in profits. After you are done with the contract, 100% of your winnings will belong to you.

In other words, because we will help you win even more than that. We invest a lot of time and money before we get anything in return. For example, each new player we accept gets between 5.000 - 10.000 Euro in value from us before we make any money.

Since our coaching has made players like yourself so successful, we can invest that much.

Tough Love Answer:

Focus on what YOU win, not others. Many people hate the idea of others winning big. They rather live a miserable life instead of a great life, because of they are messed up in their head!

30k is not a lot of money (for us). When we make 30k, this means that YOU make 30k as well (and a lot more without us in the future!). Keep in mind we are the people who get those "miracles" done.

If you can make 60k quickly on your own, what are you doing here anyways?!

You have 0% risk in this program. There is a reason why our students are so successful. They were smart enough to invest in their future.

Quality people and service have a price:

Do you wanna work with the best or with mediocre people? Can you buy a new Iphone or Macbook for $150 ? Well you can certainly buy a phone for $150, as well as you can buy cheap coaching products elsewhere. How has that helped you so far?

Nice Answer:

We are interested in you succeeding, because coaches cost a lot of money. If you don't make money, we LOOSE a lot.

What we teach you will help you to make so much money, you will ask for help on where to spend it (not a joke, has already happened several times, because many of our players don't care that much for watches and that stuff. So they really don't know what to do!!!)

We will do EVERYTHING in our power to help you succeed. We have a dedicated program that will guide you through everything. This program cannot be bought anywhere.

Also, if you are worried about anything, we will have a contract where everything will be written in detail before you have to sign or pay anything.



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