BPC's position on playing from the USA and other ethical dilemmas

BPC advises players to follow the T&C of each poker site.

We were in disagreement about data mining for 6max about a year ago. That is a different debate tho. Since the value of this is close to 0 for what and how we are doing things at 6max, it is a non-issue anyways.

If you are a UK citizen living in the USA for 3 months, but want to play online poker. What are your choices? You can follow a law and not play online poker or you can disobey a law and set up your VPN - at your own risk of losing your bankroll. Is this wrong or not?

This is just one example out of many. Some might be clearer to people, some might be not so easy.

In other words, every member of the BPC executive team has a different opinion on those questions the same way we might have different opinions on pre-marital sex or on having multiple girlfriends at the same time.

BPC's approach is agnostic. We as a company do not need to have an opinion on everything. This means we neither endorse nor reject either way.

Usually, it is quite smart to shut up about things that you don't understand. At BPC we're the best at coaching. So we have very strong opinions on coaching. I am sure each of our members and executive team has different opinions about a lot of things.

What we do advise all players is to stick to the T&C of each site, because doing anything else is risking the bankroll. When a player then takes a calculated risk, it is ultimately his decision. We have a "don't ask don't tell policy".
BPC is not the moral police, we're here to increase the $/hour for every player.

Ethics is an interesting field in itself. Imagine 200 years ago. It was normal and ethically fine for women to have no rights and for black people to be slaves. It was not only ethically accepted, it was manifested in the law. People today think they are different, but it is very likely that in 200 years people will look back on us as being just as barbaric. That does not mean we should not care at all, but it means we should be a bit more humble and understand that we are constantly evolving.


BPC's credo
Do the best to your current knowledge. Be willing to be wrong, assume you will be wrong quite often, but ultimately everybody is responsible for themselves.


BPC's area of expertise is coaching. This is where we excel at. We stick to that.


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