How much Coaching will I get in the NL 6max MICRO program and how does it look like?

Short Answer: 3 hours each week

For whom is this program

  • For everybody who is NOT beating NL10 or higher over a 100k hand sample size (if you already beat NL10 over a big sample size, then you qualify for the NL6max CRUSHER program)
  • For everybody who plays NL10 or below and wants to start making real money
  • For everybody who is tired of playing micro-stakes
  • For recreational players who want to improve at their hobby and also make some money instead of losing
  • For everybody who wishes to progress at their OWN pace

How does the coaching look like/which formats are used

  • 3 times each week you can attend our coaching (in the future it even will be every single day at least once). The coaching is between 1-2 hours long and we focus on one specific topic in each session. Every question will be answered.
  • Database Reports every 10k hands (or 20k hands depending on the topic) 
    Our chief scientist Alan Jackson (the best and most respected database analyst for high stakes professionals in the world!) is part of BPC and creates with the coaches of each discipline (in this case he is actually a good 6max player himself) a detailed and advanced filtering system. Based on these filters, we create a report for you which will show you WHERE you are doing mistakes in your game
  • Our video library (always updated) with custom tailored videos for each topic. 
  • Our famous and proven method of using step-by-step lessons will be supported by our extensive video library. For each topic, you will not only get a lesson plan written, but also practical videos that show you how to DO the things you have learned. And after you have played, you'll get the database report.

So how many hours of coaching do I get in the 6max MICRO program each week

Let's just say more than enough and more than you can ever use. You will be able to speak to a coach 3 times a week and soon every single day. If you are super motivated and have a lot of time, take advantage of this offer! If you have a full-time job, no worries, you can join the coaching whenever you got some free time.

The answer is: You get 3 hours of coaching each week, 12 hours every month

If it takes you 6 months to complete the program, then you will have gotten around 80 hours of coaching.


How we calculated this number

5 hours of live coaching, 3 hours of video materials, 2 hours of our database service

  • On average people use our support 1hr/week, but that is of course free
  • You also get free access to our productivity software "CFP-web-application", which costs us every month more than 10.000 Euro to upkeep and improve
  • You also get custom developed HUDS and special training software for free

 The truth is that this number could be a lot higher, for example if you play a lot. On the other side if you only play 5k hands a week, then you'll use less of the database service. Our live coaching will soon be 7 days a week, which means around 10-14 hours of live coaching alone.

Also, our video library is quite big, so you could easily spend 10 hours watching videos, but we believe that we should not count video-hours as full coaching hours. That's why the number is lower. In other words, it is up to you, but there will be more than enough coaching for you.

How much are the coaching and the program worth?

The value lies in the eye of the spectator!

In the past, you would have paid 500 Euro/hour to have high-quality coaching with us. That means you will get 20.000 Euro worth of coaching every month (40 hours x 500 Euro).

Ok, this number is too high of course, because we don't need to re-create each video for everybody again. Also, while Gordon would charge today at least 1000 Euro/ hour, a coach for micro-stakes would not charge that much. So let's be "reasonable" and say instead of 20.000 Euro/month, the value is more around 2.000 Euro each month.

Don't worry, we don't charge you anything. In case you have forgotten, you pay NOTHING until you win! Look, we're not a charity. The only reason we can offer you so much value at such a little price is because our coaching simply WORKS.

And the greatest part

You don't have to feel pressured. Because we have a step-by-step system it is not a problem if you miss a coaching. You can learn and improve at your own pace

How does the contract look like

This is the smallest contract that BPC offers. It's a 5k contract with a 50-50 profit split. This means you win 5.000 Euro and pay us 2500 Euro. When you apply, you can see in the Terms and Conditions exactly how the contract looks like.

You only pay if you win!!! So there is 0% risk for you. We are so confident that our coaching is by far the best in the world that you only have to pay if it really works. Well it has worked on quite a lot of people as you will know. And while we think that you are no different than the people who turned $50 into $100k in 9 months Hansthegreat, Rovar, Ilidek, Atvars, Jan, Rylan and all the other BPC-stars ... you don't have to be worried anyways in case you think you're not!




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