Why BPC is optimistic about the future of online poker

Long-term, the price of operating a poker site will go down and will make the game more profitable for players

Poker sites and winning players compete for the money that the losing players deposit. The more money the poker site makes, the less money winning players will make. The less money the poker sites make, the MORE money winning players will make

=> If the cost of operating a poker site goes down (and reasonable competition is possible) then winning players should earn more money in the future

  • Over time, the cost of software goes down to 0 ("the law of the internet"). Everything is free on the internet, even the things that are not free can often be obtained for "free" (illegally). You can already play online poker for free on many different platforms (play money tho)

  • The cost of payments will go down, which is the BIGGEST cost item for every poker site and online casino. Probably never to 0, but close to that. Innovative technologies like Bitcoin enable close to free online payments while also eliminating chargebacks 100% of the time

  • DAC or DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Corporations  or Organizations) that run on the Internet (related to "The Internet of Things") will be able to circumvent restrictions set by any country. In other words, the cost of operation can go down closer to 0

  • All of these 3 factors mentioned are macro-trends. The future is a very bright one for online poker. The only important thing is that people will still like the game of poker.

Maybe in 3 years, everybody can open their own poker site. If you think that is crazy, think about what people would have said in 2002 if you told them you'd open your own magazine. Today everybody can open their own blog in 3 minutes, which is no different than a magazine. No printing press is needed.

Don't let limited minds make you pessimistic! If you never try, you will fail 100% of the time. Winners take opportunities and make things happen!!!


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