How Much Coaching Will I Get In The PLO BALLER Program And How Does It Look Like?

 For whom is this program:

  • For everybody who is new to PLO, either transitioning from NL cash games or other forms of poker (MTTs, SNG...)
  • For everybody who is already a winning player at PLO, but is not satisfied with mediocrity and wants to make 10k, 20k, or even 30k/month
  • For everybody who wants to understand poker on a deeper level
  • For everybody who wants to expand their comfort zone and learn what they are capable of achieving, and what it takes to win on a level of a WSOP gold bracelet winner
  • For everybody who doesn't mind a few tough words here and there and a kick in the ass. We'll push you to new heights – but you have to be willing to work for it!

What you will learn in this program

The foundation of our success are the structured lessons which will guide you through every single situation that exists. When you have gone through each chapter, you will:

  • You will understand how to evaluate every single spot there is in poker
  • You will know HOW to make the best decision, whether you have a lot of information or no information at all
  • You will no longer make big mistakes after learning our step-by-step thought processes and decision making methods
  • You will be able to easily exploit specific villains and understand the mistakes they make
  • You will expand your comfort zone by playing a LOT of tables and then playing very little tables in our practice and comfort-stretching module
  • You will be able to play many hours each day and then also very short hours. This is basically like sprint training, long endurance training
  • You will be equipped with many real life skills as well, which some of our successful students even say was THE most important part of the training program
  • Last but not least, you will make 60k Euro in profits as soon as possible. Our record finisher took a bit more than 5months to achieve this and increased his average earnings by 400%. Aka, the coaching paid for itself with a lot of extra profit for himself

Which study materials are used:

As explained above, we have a curriculum. Our head coach John-KasinoKrime (check the Interview here) has put together the ultimate PLO studying material package, second to none on the market. His coaching sessions are based on these materials, worth thousands of Euros on the market.

ELITE COURSES. You will get access to all of his exclusive courses, including:

  • PLO QuickPro Elite (best PLO training system on the market)
  • PLO QuickPro Manual
  • Postflop power (Advanced postflop concepts)
  • Out of Position Mastery (Latest hot course!)
  • Win1K
  • PLO Protege

These courses alone would cost you several thousand Euros if you would purchase them, and span well over 50+ hours of in-depth, clear and concise presentations by John with many guest-appearences of other PLO superstars, such as alien slayer, Danfiu, JNandez, fellow WSOP champ Chance Kornuth...

INSANE VALUE The market value of these and other materials you will receive for FREE after joining this CFP program, would compensate for a big part of the contract alone.
For example, PLO QuickPro Elite course alone sells for 897 EUR in our shop.

COACHING SESSIONS LIBRARY That's not even all. On top of all of that, you will get access to our ever-increasing video library of coaching sessions, nowhere available for any price. We do not sell these video materials, as they are exclusive for our students. They all go into our PLO LIBRARY for later reviews, and will be available to you after joining.

BONUS PERKS AND FUTURE COURSES As well as many to-the-point shorter guides and tips John has developed over the years and saves for his students alone, students will of course get access to any other study materials John develops by himself or with cooperation with BPC – provided that you are ready for it.


How many hours of coaching do I get in the PLO 6-max program each week:

At the start, you will get 3+ hours weekly of coaching time with John. You will have group sessions with other students and John immediately after joining. This is the period where you have to intensively study all of the materials you will be given, and prepare questions which you will have.

As you progress, you will get 1-on-1 coachings, more tailored to your specific game. You will continue to attend group sessions on top of that.

As the program grows (and it is growing FAST!), we will add more and more weekly sessions. Remember – we only profit if you profit! We want you to finish ASAP! The more coaching you need, the more you get!

At the start you will get access to John's material and work through them in a boot-camp style. This is important so you get the foundations needed in order to get the maximum out of the coachings.

In other words, you will get the ultimate PLO package, explained to you personally for several hours per week by a WSOP champion.

PERSONAL ATTENTION AND AVAILABILITY 24/7  John is also available on Skype at any point for additional questions, motivational stories and recommendations on all sorts of meta-game strategies and materials which will completely transform you as a poker player. There's no number and/or price we can put on this type of availability. Many people would pay a premium just for this privilege – to have a WSOP champ ready to answer any question, at the tip of their fingers, just a mouse click away.

PLO FORUM On top of that, we have just started a dedicated PLO forum where you will be able to debate with other students in the program, and get regular feedback from KasinoKrime. We do not count that as coaching time, however that is exactly what it is, considering John takes time out of his day to answer your questions and hands personally.

John is known for GOING ALL-IN FOR HIS STUDENTS. There are no limits to the coaching time you will receive from him. He is available practically around the clock on Skype, and might decide to give a 3h session for the students at the spurr of the moment. Or stick to the scheduled times. You will also be joining the sessions of all other students. In short – don't worry about coaching hours. There will be more available than you can possibly squeeze into your schedule.


Extra attention from the BPC team

  • On average people use our support 1hr/week, but that is of course free
  • You also get free access to our productivity software "CFP-web-application" , which costs us every month more than 10.000 Euro to upkeep and improve


And the greatest part:

You don't have to feel pressured. Because we have a step-by-step system it is not a problem if you miss a coaching. You can learn and improve at your own pace

How does the contract look like:

This is the standard contract that BPC offers. It's a 60k contract with a 50-50 profit split. This means you win 60.000 Euro and pay 30.000 Euro to BPC and keep 30.000 for yourself. Everything you earn after that belongs 100% to you. 

Can I negotiate on the contract (because i am already a winner etc):

We treat everybody the same.  Sometimes a very motivated player at PLO25 can progress a lot faster than somebody at PLO100 who already thinks he knows everything. Hansthegreat (who turned $50 into $100k in 9 months) said that we should charge a lot more for this. Many people who joined said that if they knew how great it is, they would have easily given 75% of profits to us.


You only pay if you win!!! So there is 0% risk for you. We are so confident that our coaching is by far the best in the world that you only have to pay if it really works. Well it has worked on quite a lot of people as you will know. And while we think that you are no different than the people who turned $50 into $100k in 9 months Hansthegreat, Rovar, Ilidek, Atvars, Jan, Rylan and all the other BPC-stars ... you don't have to be worried anyways in case you think you're not!




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