How Much Coaching Will I Get In The SNG GRINDER Program And How Does It Look Like?

For whom is this program:

  • For everybody who is new to SNG, either transitioning from cash games or other forms of poker
  • For everybody who is already a winning player at SNGs, but is not satisfied with mediocracy and wants to make 10k, 20k, or even 30k/month
  • For everybody who wants to understand poker on a deeper level
  • For everybody who wants to expand their comfort zone and learn what they are capable of achieving, and what it takes to be on top of the SNG Sharkscope rankings – the only person to teach you that is our Head Coach Ben, who is there currently, in 2015, accross all sites, all stakes, and all games 
  • For everybody who doesn't mind a few tough words here and there and a kick in the ass. We'll push you to new hights – but you have to be willing to work for it!

What you will learn in this program

  • You will understand how to evaluate every single spot there is in poker
  • You will know HOW to make the best decision, whether you have a lot of information or no information at all
  • You will no longer make big mistakes after learning our step-by-step thought processes and decision making methods
  • You will be able to easily exploit specific villains and understand the mistakes they make
  • You will expand your comfort zone by playing a LOT of tables and then playing very little tables in our practice and comfort-stretching module
  • You will be able to play many hours each day and then also very short hours. This is basically like sprint training, long endurance training
  • You will be equipped with many real life skills as well, which some of our successful students even say was THE most important part of the training program
  • Last but not least, you will make 40k Euro in profits as soon as possible. Our record finisher (6-max cash games) took a bit more than 5 months to achieve this and increased his average earnings by 400%. Aka, the coaching paid for itself with a lot of extra profit for himself

Which study materials are used:

Our Head Coach Ben (check Interview here), who has been crushing the high-stakes SNG world for years, and is on top of it now in 2015, has developed a SNG course for his private students.

You will get access to part of it at different point in the program, depending on when the coach thinks it's appropriate.

You have to prove yourself worthy with your discipline and dedication. If it sound like something from a martial arts training program – well, what do you think it takes to be on top of the SNG world?!

As you join, you will get access to the first level materials. As you master those, and progress, you will get access to progressively more materials.

VIDEO LIBRARY You will get access to all of the sessions of your co-students. All of our CFP libraries quickly grow to match any of the video sites out there in quantity, and blow away all of them in quality. It's not that there are not some good resources available out there, but we are the BEST in FOCUSING our material to specific, concrete, step-by-step instructions. You do not get simply a collection of videos on random topics. You get the recorded mentorship relationship, as it developed from day one between the coach and the student.

You will see exactly what road the students before you have traveled, and will be able to repeat each of their steps, day by day, to make sure you are following a proven, and tested recipe for success!


How does the coaching look like:

Depending on your commitment, you will get up to 3 hours weekly of coaching time with Ben. You will have individual time (if you put the hours in youself), as well as group sessions with other students and the coach. As the program grows (and it is growing FAST!), we will add more and more weekly sessions. With most BPC CFP programs, you are able to attend coaching sessions practically every day. Remember – we only profit if you profit! We want you to finish ASAP! The more coaching you need, the more you get!

PERSONAL ATTENTION AND AVAILABILITY Ben loves coaching, he finds it a personal pleasure and challenge. Some people may find this hard to believe, but that is the cold, hard truth. Why do you think a 300k+ pre-rakeback winner (and the year is not even over yet!!) takes time to explain SNG fundamentals, intermediate and advanced concepts, as well as the elite secrets to even beginners and transitional students? The fact is, he just loves working with students. When you combine his passion with his skill, you can rest assured, you will get ALL YOU NEED AND MORE from him, to finish the contract, and finish it FAST, so you can go and make the serious money on your own – and for your own pocket!

AVAILABILITY Ben is also available on Skype at any point for additional questions, motivational stories and recommendations on all sorts of meta-game strategies and materials which will completely transform you as a poker player. There's no number and/or price we can put on this type of availability. Many people would pay a premium just for this privilege – to have the best SNG player in the world ready to answer any question, at the tip of their fingers, just a mouse click away.

SNG FORUM On top of that, we have just started a dedicated SNG forum where you will be able to debate with other students in the program, and get regular feedback from Ben. We do not count that as coaching time, however that is exactly what it is, considering Ben takes time out of his day to answer your questions and hands personally.


Extra attention from the BPC team

  • On average people use our support 1hr/week, but that is of course free
  • You also get free access to our productivity software "CFP-web-application" , which costs us every month more than 10.000 Euro to upkeep and improve


How does the contract look like:

This is the standard contract that BPC offers. It's a 40k contract with a 50-50 profit split. This means you win 40.000 Euro and pay 20.000 Euro to BPC and keep 20.000 for yourself. Everything you earn after that belongs 100% to you. 

Can I negotiate on the contract (because i am already a winner etc):

We treat everybody the same.  Sometimes a very motivated player low stakes player can progress a lot faster than somebody at higher stakes who already thinks he knows everything. Hansthegreat (who turned $50 into $100k in 9 months) said that we should charge a lot more for this. Many people who joined said that if they knew how great it is, they would have easily given 75% of profits to us.


You only pay if you win!!! So there is 0% risk for you. We are so confident that our coaching is by far the best in the world that you only have to pay if it really works. Well it has worked on quite a lot of people as you will know. And while we think that you are no different than the people who turned $50 into $100k in 9 months Hansthegreat, Rovar, Ilidek, Atvars, Jan, Rylan and all the other BPC-stars ... you don't have to be worried anyways in case you think you're not!



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