How to tag hands in PT4/HM2

Tagging Hands in PT4 (click here for HM2 version)

Tagging Hands During Play

 To tag hands from your HUD, left-click the tag icon and scroll down to the hand you wish to tag. You may also tag the current hand by choosing Tag Hand in Progress.
Tagging Hands In Your Database
To tag a hand in your database, go to View Stats > Results > Select the appropriate session(s) > Right-click the hand you wish to tag > Scroll down to Tag Selected Hand and make your selection.
Retrieve Tagged Hands From Your Database
To retrieve a tagged hand from your database, go to View Stats > Results > Select the appropriate session(s) > Select Show Marked Hands Only > Filter by the specific Tags

Creating custom tags

Some users may want to create and customize tags. To do this, click on Configure from the main menu, and then Tags.
The Tag Edit window allows you to add, edit and, delete tags.
To add a new tag, click Add, select your tag icon from the drop-down menu, and add a short description of the tag. Once you are finished, click OK to save your settings.
Editing an existing tag will allow you to change the icon and also the tag description. You may edit tag by selecting it(the tag will be marked on blue) and click Edit.
Now you can change icon and description In the same way as in adding new tag section. Once you are finished, click OK to save your settings. 
You may also delete an existing tag by selecting it(the Tag will be marked on blue) ,pushing Delete and click OK to confirm the operations.
Once you have made all of your changes, click Close and your customized tags will be available in the HUD, in your database, and available for sorting through hand histories.

Selecting tagged hands

It is very easy to review tagged hands in PokerTracker 4. One option is checking Show Marked Hands Only, which only shows hands that have a tag or note.
Another option is to sort just by a specific tag. To do this, select the tag(s) from the drop-down menu.
Once you are done reviewing your hands, simply deselect the tag(s) – deselecting means clicking once again on the marked tag- from the drop-down menu and Refresh the report.
I don’t see my hand, what to do
  1. Check if you selected proper Tag
  2. Check if you selected proper number of hands


    E.g. if you selected 100 Hands only last 100 tagged hands will appear. If hand didn’t appear increase number of hands.
  3. Check if there is no selected filter and check other parameters like Game/Date, etc.


  4. Check if you selected proper time period In right window

Basically if you selected proper time In 3rd point you sometimes still have to choose proper time period on the right window (like month in ex ample above: Nov or Oct). You choose by clicking on
that and selected option will be marked by blue.

Tagging Hands in HM2 (click here for PT4 version)

Tagging Hands During Play

To Mark a hand right click on the second line on the Table HUD with the name of the winner of that hand.
Now choose the mark you want.
The best way to mark a hand is by using a Hotkey.
  1. Click on Hud settings in holdem manager

  2. Click on Hotkeys and mark the enable hotkeys option


    To view the hands that you marked go to any session and click the box for marked hands


    You can add a filter to choose only a group of hands that you marked


    Right click on a hand in any session then choose mark. Here you can mark or unmark a hand by clicking an option. You can also add a new tag.


See video

Creating custom tags

Right click on a hand in any session. Choose mark and then add a new tag.


Now you can add a new tag by pressing the green button (1) or delete a tag by selecting a tag and then pressing the red button (2) or edit one by selecting it and pressing the pencil (3).
When you create or edit a tag just choose a name and a color.

Selecting tagged hands

Open Holdem Manager2 and go to the reports tab. 
Here you have many options to filter your hands. 
You can click on session by day and visualize all the hands that you played each day, change your date range or see the cash results graph of your play. In the big box below, you find your hands.
On Date Range, you can choose one of default options or make a custom one. Below you can see my custom options.
If you click on custom, you can choose a specific month, day, or a date range before a specific day, after a specific day or between two days. You can also choose the hour.
In the example selecting the options last you can also write an amount of hands, hours, days or months that you want for the range. When you have chosen your range just press the ok button.
On the cash graph result, you can change date range to see how you are doing in the last month
Last week
Or one specific day
You can have a different date range for each report.
Alternatively, you can apply the same date range to all reports by simply setting it and pressing the button Apply to all reports.
If you want to remove ranges to all reports just press Clear filters and then Apply to all reports.


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