Which Rooms/Sites do I have to play on?


Our goal is to help you make the most amount of money. So if one site should suit your style better than the other, we will recommend another site to you. 

Keep in mind that BPC is the worlds leading site for a reason. You have likely read all of our success stories, so we ask you to trust us that we know what's best for all of us! 

Differences by country:

If you are living in France, your options are limited to sites like Winamax and Stars.FR . There is not much to choose from.

If you are living in the USA, your options are currently Bovada or a site from the WinningPokerNetwork (like BlackChipPoker).

There are many other countries where your choice of site is naturally restricted.

What if you live in a "free to choose" country:

In this case, you will have to play on the sites BPC recommends. This is mandatory. We strongly recommend these deals, as they are profitable to both sides and SAFE. There are too many horror stories of players losing their bankroll on banana rooms. We want your money to be on safe rooms. We will force you to do the right thing and not allow you to do stupid things.



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