How much Coaching will I get in the NL 6max CRUSHER program and how does it look like?

Short Answer: 2-6hours each week

For whom is this program

  • For everybody who is beating NL10 already, but is struggling at higher limits 
  • For everybody who is already a winning player at higher limits, but is not satisfied with mediocrity and wants to make 10k,20k, or even 30k/month
  • For everybody who wants to understand poker on a deeper level
  • For everybody who wants to expand their comfort zone and learn what they are capable of achieving 
  • For everybody who doesn't mind a few tough words here and there and a kick in the ass. We'll push you to new hights

(If you already beat NL400 over a good sample size or regularly make 10k+ per month, then this program is NOT for you. You are already where the others want to be)

What you will learn in this program

The foundation of our success are the structured lessons which will guide you through every single situation that exists. When you have gone through each chapter, you will:

  • You will understand how to evaluate every single spot there is in poker
  • You will know HOW to make the best decision, whether you have a lot of information or no information at all
  • You will no longer make big mistakes after learning our step-by-step thought processes and decision making methods
  • You will be able to easily exploit specific villains and understand the mistakes they make
  • You will expand your comfort zone by playing a LOT of tables and then playing very little tables in our practice and comfort-stretching module
  • You will be able to play many hours each day and then also very short hours. This is basically like sprint training, long endurance training
  • You will be equipped with many real life skills as well, which some of our successful students even say was THE most important part of the training program
  • Last but not least, you will make 60k Euro in profits as soon as possible. Our record finisher took a bit more than 5months to achieve this and increased his average earnings by 400%. Aka, the coaching paid for itself with a lot of extra profit for himself

How does the coaching look like/which formats are used

As explained above, we have a curriculum. We have a Preflop, Flop, Turn,River and Miscellaneous module. Each module has many different units with one specific topic for each.


  • Each unit (inside a module) has a written guide about the topic and the main content
  • COACHING. Each unit has practical videos where the concepts taught are explained in very detail and many practical examples
  • You will be given homework and apply the lessons learnt (typically picking hands about the topic, for example hands where you get check-raised on the flop). Then you will analyze them using the new methods you have learnt
  • COACHING. You will send the video to your coach and he will analyze and double check to see if you understood the topic
  • COACHING. You create a live video and record your thoughts while focusing especially on the topic of the unit. Your coach will go over the video, comment on it and send it back - looking for mistakes in your game
  • COACHING. You schedule a QnA session with your coach where you can ask any question that might be left (after he has sent you the videos and/or comments)
  • COACHING. After doing this (and playing at least 10k, sometimes 20k hands) your progress according to the lecture will be evaluated through an extensive Database Report. 
  • Our chief scientist Alan Jackson (the best and most respected database analyst for high stakes professionals in the world!) is part of BPC and creates with the coaches of each discipline (in this case he is actually a good 6m player himself) a detailed and advanced filtering system. Based on these filters, we create a report for you which will show you WHERE you are doing mistakes in your game
  • COACHING. 1-2 times each week we have a group session where you can ask any question outside of your current unit. Actually, any question you want to ask (about specific hands, poker-life, anything you want). The coaching session typically takes 1-2hours, but depends on how many questions are asked. ALL questions will be answered!

So how many hours of coaching do I get in the 6max CRUSHER program each week

As you can see, this depends on how many units you finish per week. Finishing 2 units per week is possible. Some will be faster, others will be slower. But our number will be based on you finishing 1,5 units each week. 
Each unit you will be worth around 2-3hours worth of coaching. Adding the group coaching and Database report, we should get a (weighted) number of 7hour of coaching per week, 24hours of coaching per month

You will be able to speak to a coach 3 times a week and possibly soon every single day. If you are super motivated and have a lot of time, take advantage of this offer! If you have a full-time job, you progress at your own pace.

Again, the answer is: You get 2-6 hours of coaching each week


How we calculated this number

2 hour of group coaching, 2 hours of video materials, 2 hours of our database service, 1hour of individual coaching time (likely HIGHER!).

  • On average people use our support 1hr/week, but that is of course free
  • You also get free access to our productivity software "CFP-web-application", which costs us every month more than 10.000 Euro to upkeep and improve
  • You also get custom developed HUDS and special training software for free


The truth is that this number could be a lot higher, for example, if you play a lot. On the other side if you only play 10k hands a week, then you'll use less of the database service and also less individual coaching because you will finish less units each week.

How much are the coaching and the program worth?

The value lies in the eye of the spectator!

In the past, you would have paid 500 Euro/hour to have high-quality coaching with us. That means you will get 12.000 Euro worth of coaching every month (24hours x 500 Euro).

Ok, this number is too high of course, because we don't need to re-create each video for everybody again. Also, while Gordon would charge today at least 1000 Euro/ hour, a coach for small/mid-stakes would not charge that much. So let's be "reasonable" and say the average worth of each coaching hour is only 200 Euro (some worth more, some worth less), which makes the monthly value of this 4800 Euro per month per person. And again, we did not even include the cost for support and upkeep of our software.

Don't worry, we don't charge you anything. In case you have forgotten, you pay NOTHING until you win! Look, we're not a charity. The only reason we can offer you so much value at such a little price is because our coaching simply WORKS.

And the greatest part

You don't have to feel pressured. Because we have a step-by-step system it is not a problem if you miss a coaching. You can learn and improve at your own pace

How does the contract look like

This is the standard contract that BPC offers. It's a 60k contract with a 50-50 profit split. This means you win 60.000 Euro and pay 30.000 Euro to BPC and keep 30.000 for yourself. Everything you earn after that belongs 100% to you.

Can I negotiate on the contract (because I am already a winner etc)

We treat everybody the same. People who were 7bb winners at NL100 applied and improved their income by 400%. Sometimes a very motivated player at NL25 can progress a lot faster than somebody at NL100 who already thinks he knows everything. Hansthegreat (who turned $50 into $100k in 9 months) said that we should charge a lot more for this. Many people who joined said that if they knew how great it is, they would have easily given 75% of profits to us.

You only pay if you win!!! So there is 0% risk for you. We are so confident that our coaching is by far the best in the world that you only have to pay if it really works. Well it has worked on quite a lot of people as you will know. And while we think that you are no different than the people who turned $50 into $100k in 9months Hansthegreat, Rovar, Ilidek, Atvars, Jan, Rylan and all the other BPC-stars ... you don't have to be worried anyways in case you think you're not!



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