Is Heads up Poker or Online Poker in specific dying? (LONG)

Short answer:

NO. Those "the world is ending" comments have been around forever. Everybody knows today that poker in 2006 was doing very well. If you look back, people make the same comments there about Heads UP, or online in specific "dying". It's always the same thing and no, this time it ain't different.

If you want to be a successful person, you can't be distracted by this type of stuff. BPC is investing big time because opinions come and go, but we are here to stay!


Long answer:

Argument #1: Gambling is here to stay

First of all, let's look at gambling. Gambling has been around for thousands of years. Even in ancient Rome, they gambled. Even in countries where gambling is "prohibited", you will be able to find some underground casino, sports better or poker game. Gambling is inherently a "human" thing and it is here to stay. 

=> LAWS don't change what people do. They only change HOW people do it

It's the same thing with drugs. You can be pro-drugs, you can be against it. You can believe it's the worst thing for society or you don't. But it does not change the fact that people will take drugs. Laws only change HOW people take drugs.


Argument #2: Online Gambling is here to stay

People want to do online gambling and no law in the world will be able to stop them. It's like with drugs, even if you forbid it, the people who want it will find it anyways. The INTERNET has and is still changing the world. Some people want to enjoy themselves and do betting via the internet from the comfort of their home. Like with drugs and gambling in general, this is not going away. Just like online shopping is not going away. People LOVE the Internet. I think there is nothing to argue here with.

Argument #3: Online Poker is here to stay

This one is more than obvious. People love playing poker. People love playing online. End of story. We might disagree in which form it will stay, but as long as people love poker and want to play online, there will be somebody offering online poker services. Simple law of economics.


Argument #4: Online Poker will be regulated (made 100% lawful in most countries)

Governments always resist change, not because they are "evil" (although some might think so, but that's not the point here), but mainly because all Governments are bought and paid for by the current industries.
For example in the USA, the biggest opponents of online gambling & online poker are the companies that have the most to lose aka brick and mortar casinos. So they do what they should and have to do, which is resist as long as possible. They can fight against the stronger force (the INTERNET), but ultimately it's a fight they can't win and they know it. They understand tho that every day without legalized internet is a day with more profits for them.
Governments also realize there is a LOT of money to be made through taxes, "licenses" and other schemes. So at the end of the day governments don't care where the money comes from. So in the USA online poker is already fully legalized in a few states. Pokerstars has many official licenses in many countries around the world.

I think the point is made. As long as people love playing poker, online poker is here to stay without any doubt.


Argument #5: Heads Up Poker is here to stay

This is probably where some people will start to disagree. The reason why Heads Up Poker is the poker sites least favorite version of poker is the following: Money.

The winners at Heads Up have higher win rates, which means the sites will earn less than in other games.

So why do poker sites still offer them at all?

Because they have to!!! Why do many businesses have to offer free shipping? Well, because if they don't, somebody else will and take away that customer. It's the same with poker sites. The only reason they offer Heads Up is because they either get new customers that they otherwise would not get OR in order to not loose a customer who wants to play some Heads Up.

Some sites might want to eliminate them, but if it was so obvious, why did not everybody do it yet? Again, because then the site who still offers it will happily take all the customers.

There will be some type of variance, yes. Poker is not growing at 20% each year at the moment, this is true. Like in the economy, every 7 years or so, there is a year which is not as great as others. But those who prepare will do even better when it goes up again.

And if we are in those "terrible" years, why do BPC people still make 10k+, even 30k+ per month and turn $50 int $100k in 9 months? Why is that?

If those are the "tough times", then we are very much looking forward to the good times to come!!!

What if the world ends tomorrow and there is indeed no HU poker anymore:

It's a WEAK question. Look, at BPC we teach you not only how to win, but HOW TO BE A WINNER. This means, even if the worst of all cases happens, we will be prepared and you will be prepared.

You can go down in your basement because you think world war III will happen and people from Mars will eat us. OR you can go out, build your life, fully understanding that some type of war will happen some day. It's called LIFE and things change. But you will pass up on a lot of profit TODAY because you have a SCARED mindset.

You will pass up on every other opportunity in your life as well because you will always be scared because something "could" go wrong. Well, again, people have been talking like this in 2006. They have missed 9 hardcore profitable years in poker!!! Maybe in 2039 poker will die and then they will say "look i was right". Well, if you listen to what we teach at BPC you will be walking away with Millions and smile at all those people who "knew it".

You might say "this time it's different". NO IT ISN'T. It's always the same. History repeats itself. There's always going to be winners in life who TAKE OPPORTUNITIES AND GO WITH THEM.

If you don't try, you will fail 100%. Trying costs you nothing, but you can win a lot!



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