Which Limit Should I Play?

Making sure you play high enough to be challenged and low enough to not lose money for no reason. You will be given exact details in the first chapters of the program. The rule of thumb is to start playing the lowest limit you have beaten over 100k hand sample in cash games or equivalent in other formats



Bankroll management is the fancy word for making sure that you don’t go broke. The question “which limit you should play” should not only be based on how much money you have but how good your SKILL level is.
Having a million dollars bankroll will NOT help you if you are not able to beat NL5 cash games. Yes, you will need money in order to play, but what you need FIRST is the SKILL in order to play +EV as a winner.

This is the reason why a dedicated player who plays micro-stakes can move up very fast.

What is more important, skill or money? SKILL, and it’s not even close! 

When can I move up to the next higher limit?

Everything is explained in the course section.

When do I have to move down to a lower limit

First of all moving down is NOT a problem. It’s part of the game and will make you only stronger. Because we move up quite aggressively, it is quite normal that you have to step down from time to time. Our best players took easily 5 times to beat even one level

Ask your coach (!) and/or in a coaching session.



The players with the strongest mind will win

It does not matter how much money you have today. If you are weak in your mind, poker will punish you. You have to be strong, especially in the weak moments!




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