How does the player pay his share to BPC?


Short version:

* Once a month we cash-out, usually 50% standard by coaching for profit rules

* We will consider exceptions if we see the student puts in extra effort. This has resulted in the past with students getting 2 months free coaching after finishing the program or later cash outs

* You can pay the share with Paypal, Credit card, Bitcoin. For other methods or help please write to


Detailed version:

Payments are made 1x month. At the end of the month, we take a look at the player's situation, his overall profits, his bankroll, and the stage in his development. Considering all of the factors, we make a decision on how much we will request from the player for the particular month.

In most cases this will be 50% as agreed by our standard contract.

The most important factor we consider is the player's development. Our number one priority is to see the player increase profits and grow his bankroll, so that he can climb up in stakes and make even more profit. We have a long-term view/approach to share payments, so we never request any payment that would in any way slow down the players development.

REMEMBER: We only get paid if you win, and the faster you win, the faster we profit as well. In other words, WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER. We both have the same goal – to get you to the end of the contract as soon as possible. So you never have to be concerned that we will slow down your progress in any way by requesting inappropriate share payments.

In practice, this means we will typically cash out less in the first months of the student joining, as that is the period most students are intensively building up their bankrolls.

HOWEVER, the last paragraphs is written for the student who plays full time and puts his whole energy into CFP. We understand there are recreational players who play less hours. That's totally fine, but it should be understood that when we ask for less, it is extra support.

The student is obliged to respond to the cash-out request. BPC will notify the student via email several times if the requested payment has not been made by the student within 15 days. Any issue can always be discussed with the BPC team. However ignoring all communication for 15 days or more will result in termination of the agreement, and a loss of the security deposit. We understand life can happen, but please do not ignore our messages for 15 days with no response. Communication is key, and any issue can always be resolved positivelly, as has been the case many times in the past.

In short:

The more you play, the more hours are put in, we will also do more for YOU. Our founder Gordon has once said that "if you do whatever it takes, you can do whatever you want and we will do everything you ask for".
What this means in practice: You want to play NL400, but the cashout requested would not let you play NL400. Well, one quick email, we see how much effort you put in, how hard you study and your wish is reality.

Students have called Gordon at 3am and he told them they could, because he saw they were doing EVERYTHING for success.

Another student got 2 months of FREE extra coaching (after finishing CFP). Why? He was so dedicated and he fully deserved this. Every single coaching he was 100% prepared and never disrespected or wasted the coach's time.

The fundamental idea is that everything is a give and take. If you want extra, make sure you DESERVE it.

To sum up, as you can see the share requests are not a rigid system but a very flexible and real-life oriented one. Your situation will always be considered from different points of view, and the most reasonable decision will be made. We have faith in our systems, and do not need to cash out immediately after the player makes some profit. We take a long-term, win-win approach.

Late payment:

We only ask for a % of winnings already made. This means it should be very easy to pay. Also it should be easy to pay on time, but sometimes players are disorganized (bad excuse!), so we will wait a couple of days. Just stay in contact with us and we will resolve all issues friendly.
However, if we get no response we have to deactivate access to the course + coaching and support forwards the case further



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