How to update your Bankroll correctly in CFP (and correct mistakes!)


So let's say you had 100 as starting bankroll. The next day, you won some and your bankroll is now 110.

How to enter it in the system so it shows up correctly?

Correct way:


Wrong way:

If we put only the amount won after we save the CFP will show a profit of -90. (because we started with 100 and now we have only 10).


In other words, our system is so simple, if you just input exactly the amount of money you have on the poker site, you are doing everything correctly!



Every day after finishing your session, you have to update your BR in your CFP account. If you do not play on a particular day, you do not have to update it. But playing and then not updating is NOT acceptable. This is part of being a professional poker player, so regular updates are mandatory. If you miss them, you are making it harder for us to help you. Check out the video guide on how to update your BR:


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