How to post hands on the forum correctly

General Guidelines:

  • Post everything clean and very readable. It shows you respect others' time
  • Keep things as short and simple as possible, but not shorter/simpler. Aka, get to the point, cut the bs
  • Provide important reads that are helpful for the situation
  • Your coach is NOT your cleaning lady. This means, don’t just throw out a question and wait for a magic answer. The secret to success lies within YOU. This means, do your best, make assumptions about ranges, do calculations (equilab, flopzilla). Your coach is here to give you feedback on your assumptions and NOT to do the math work for you

How to do it:

  1. Clean hand history posting. Stop the hand history at the point where you have a question (put in a spoiler, so your coach can always check results)
  2. Ask your question
  3. Provide an answer (see the guide in the blue box below on how to provide an answer for your hand)
  4. Look at results, and let us know what, if anything, would you do differently next time based on what you have learnt (put this part into a spoiler so the coach doesn’t see the results!)
    • Sometimes we learn nothing, because Villain just had AA preflop or was going all-in with the full-house on the river
    • Sometimes we learn something that Villain does (he slowplays a set, cold calls with AA pre, floats very light)
    • Sometimes we learn something that Villain does NOT do (he does NOT fastplay a set - so when he does raise on the flop, he is more likely to be bluffing; he does NOT reraise AA preflop, so we can assume his 3-bets have more bluffs, and we can 4-bet him lighter; he does NOT fold much on the flop)

How to provide an answer for your hand:

a) If it’s a preflop all-in spot, assign ranges, do the math with all-in expert (or other software)

Present your assumptions to the coach. It is NOT the job of your coach to do the math for you. So don’t show a hand like “I have AQ and villain goes all-in, what should I do?”

Instead, make assumptions about ranges, show the ranges you gave. Give an optimistic one and a pessimistic one. Your coach will then go over the assumptions and check them.



b) If it’s a flop or turn spot, provide logic and assumptions based on stats, reads or population reads



c) If you have a draw and get raised on the flop or turn, then

  1. Figure out the equity/odds you are getting right now
  2. Figure out how much your implied odds are (or if you can realistically steal the pot later)

For example a nit raises you on the turn. You have 56 on K348 board (no flush draw). When the nit raises, he has a set, so in that case it is safe to assume that you will get his full stack when you hit your hand. However, make sure you calculate the AMOUNT you will need to win on the river in order to make an "implied" call (or ability to bluff on the river, when, where, how and if)



d) If it’s an all-in or river spot, then do a detailed range analysis:

  1. If you wish to value bet, show precise combos of better and worse hands that will call
  2. Provide pessimistic ranges (try to prove yourself wrong)
  3. Provide optimistic ranges (try to prove yourself right)
  4. Figure out the inflection point (in other words, put down the DECIDING STATEMENT which would either make your play good or bad. this helps you to GET TO THE POINT of what matters). Examples:
    1. “he has to cold-call with all Ax suited combos preflop and turn 50% of them into a bluff, then we have a call)
    2. “if he folds KJ to my riverbet, then I do NOT have a value-bet”
    3. "he has to turn 4 combos of made hands into a bluff, otherwise I shouldn’t call"






e) Hands vs high VPIP fish

  • If somebody has a 40vpip, it usually makes no sense to try to put him on a specific range. The “variance” is simply too high as you don’t know whether he plays Q4o or 93s
  • Instead, use good general assumptions, simplify, use logic. Learn from videos and hands that are played vs fish
  • Don’t bluff fish, don’t bluff 3bet them !!!




Check HERE if you are not familiar on how to correctly post hands on the BPC forum. However, after doing the homework of posting 3 hands, you should be familiar with the process.

How to put a part of the hand into a spoiler:

How to include statsinto the posted hands:

HM2: When you Right-click on a hand to copy it for the forum, select "copy with stats".

2015-10-29 00_18_17-Hold'Em Manager 2 FAQs - Poker Software __ How do I post hands in the forums_

PT4: When you are copying the hand, make sure you select the option below:

2015-10-29 00_20_11-HOW TO post Handhistories [HM2 _ PT4] - EN - Strategy - PokerMarket Forum



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