How to prepare a coaching session (Hand replayer)

(This article ONLY applies to the HU program and if you coach specifically tells you to. Otherwise you can ignore this. We have articles how to easily post hands on messengers to your coach)


This guide applies for any coaching session that you prepare, whether these are hands

on a specific topic, or hands you had problems with.



Prepare the hands in the BPC standard way (according to the guide on how to post hands which is available in your courses, in the unit before this one). The only difference is now you are preparing hands in your HM2 or PT4 replayers, not on the forums.

For the hand replayer sessions preparation, you will need 2 things:


  •  Prepare hands in the replayer.
    • Open all hands you want to discuss in the replayer. Do not open them one by one during the session. The all have to be prepared and opened in the replayer before the session.
    • Hide results of the hand in the replayer
      • HM2: Unselect "Show win/loss colors" in HUD options
      • HM2 hide results
      • PT4: Position a HUD over results which are shown in top left corner of the replayer.
      • PT4 hide results


  • Prepare a word document with written questions for each hand, and your best answers to every question you will ask.
    • Include screenshots from Equilab and Flopzilla, showing your calculations or assigned ranges. 
    • Provide important reads that are helpful for the situation
    • Your coach is NOT your cleaning lady. This means, don’t just throw out a question and wait for a magic answer. The secret to success lies within YOU. This means, do your best, write down assumptions about ranges, and do calculations (equilab, flopzilla). Your coach is here to give you feedback on your assumptions and NOT to do the math work for you!
    • Post everything clean and very readable. It shows you respect others' time
    • Keep things as short and simple as possible, but not shorter/simpler. Aka, get to the point, cut the bs



Keep in mind we are recording the sessions, and other guys (yourself included) are rewatching them. This is not a casual chat about poker. It is a professional coaching session with expensive coaches. So treat it with respect.

The recording should be as clean as possible. Make the replayer and word document as big as possible, so they are covering your entire screen, or close to it. There should be no overlap, and no empty spaces, and no other random files and windows open on the side.

This is how a well-done set up looks like on your computer screen:


 As you can see, there is minimal empty space, the replayer and the document with questions and prepared answers/calculations/ranges are covering your entire screen, as much as possible. If you can cover even more, do it. Sessions are recorded with GoToWebinar software which can only record the entire screen, so this is SUPER important.


This is how bad and lazy preparation looks likeNo document with Q&A, replayer randomly positioned in the middle of the screen, all sorts of random stuff in the background, the colors showing results of the hand in bottom left corner of the replayer... SLOPPY. 

bad layout

You will get nothing if you prepare like this.

Do the simple steps and prepare well, and maximize the EV of these coachings.



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