My English is not so good. Can I still join the coaching program?

Yes, of course, you can join.

We have players from all over the world, with different levels of English. Nobody so far had complained they have problems following the program because of English.

As long as you understand the basics, you will be fine. 

In fact, your English will even improve as you practice it regularly.

You will have plenty of time to go through the materials and make sure you understand what you need to know.

Remember, this is poker, not Shakespeare - you only need to know the poker terms and basic English, to get really good at the game.

So, do not worry about English being too hard for you. Many players were concerned, but after joining they realize it is no problem at all.

How to find out if you should join or not?:

Watch free videos on our youtube channel. Click here to watch.

If you don't understand the videos, don't join! Perhaps BPC is available in your local language!

(Although truth to be told, if you can read this article, your English is more than good enough!!!)




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