How Does A 5k CFP The Secret or CFP Special Forces Contract/Agreement Look Like?

In our SECRET CFP and SPECIAL FORCES CFP program, we use the 5k contract size.
If you would like to read the text of the contract now, you can read it below.
It does not matter whether it is HU-cash, 6-max Holdem, MTT or any other program. Terms are the same unless otherwise mentioned.
The CFP Contract/Agreement
First of all, it is not really a contract. It is an agreement. You will never receive a letter from a lawyer or anything else. You can quit this agreement at any time without having to worry about anything.

We are here to be of service to you. We are here to provide an opportunity to those who want to become great at this game and make money.

Sharing of information / Non-Disclosure Agreement

The player will be given information from the BPC team and coaches about the coaching program and business of BPC. The player is not allowed to share details of the cooperation, strategy and any business details with anybody unless given written permission by BPC to do so. When in doubt what can be shared with the public, ask BPC. This ensures that you will be able to profit from what you learn and not everybody on the street gets access to this information.


Security Deposit

Before entering the CFP program, the player will pay a Security Deposit of 500 EUR to BPC. BPC will return to the player his Security Deposit after the player has successfully finished the CFP program. Before that, this Security Deposit is non-refundable. The reason for this is that our coaches are very expensive (we only work with the best) and we don’t want people to join, win a lot and run away.

The materials the player receives as well as the coaching is worth thousands of Euro and most of it is not even up for sale on our website. We take the risk that some players simply join to get access to the materials. Because of a few "bad apples", we do not want to make life difficult for the honest people and keep the experience simple. This is the reason why we don't have any lawyers or complicated 30 page contracts.

However, in order for not every player on the planet getting access to our strategy materials, we have a security deposit in place.


Profit split

The profit split will be 50% of the full contract amount. In your case, your goal is to win USD 5k. In the case of a 5.000 USD contract, 2.500 USD goes to you, 2.500 USD goes to BPC. After that, you have a world-class education and keep 100% of future profits to yourself! If you earn nothing, we get nothing. Simple and fair.
The player also understands that for the duration of the contract, rakeback and all type of bonuses are part of “profits”.

Another point for clarification is that if a player for example wins a tournament (or jackpot or similar) while the contract is not finished and wins 15k, BPC shall still receive 50% of that since BPC also takes on the risk (such as less profits because of bad beat jackpot or similar) and training that leads to a bigger score.

In other words, all profits are split 50-50 until the contract is ended. In case you win a big amount at once it shall also be split 50-50 (weather tournament or bad beat jack pot or similar, we will of course allow you to stay in the program even if you "technically" finished the contract).


Coaching program and improvements

BPC has the right to change coaches or program structure in the future, to adapt to the needs of the students in the best way possible. We always innovate and introduce new formats.


Termination of the contract

The contract is automatically terminated successfully once the player has paid the full amount of the coaching for profits agreement. BPC will then return the security deposit to the player.

Quitting/Termination before the end of the contract:

The student can end the contract at any time. We understand that sometimes life happens. While we believe it is very important to not quit, you should still have that option if it is really needed. In such a case the security deposit is not returned.
The player has the obligation to play a certain amount of hands per year. In the "secret CFP" program it is 100k hands from the day the player joins until 1 year has passed. We know our strategy works and we are willing to invest coaching for free. We require the player to actually USE the strategy. The program is about playing and making money, not "learning strategies and not using them".
If the player fails to play the amount of hands, he does not have to worry, but he forfeits the right to the security deposit. Of course the player never has to worry about anything. In the worst case he gets a lot of high quality coaching.
If the player takes longer than a year to finish the contract, he can still stay in receive free coaching as long as he has played a minimum of 50k hands. BPC will help the player until "forever". If BPC has to close the program in a few years, the player will get a free year of live coaching. Again, we take care and leave nobody behind. Our goal is that no matter what you will walk away with a lot of value and walk aways as a winner.

How does the profit split work?

Since the play is exclusively on the secret APPs, no accounting has to be done by the player since the account history of the app can be used. Profit share payments in our older programs were usually monthly. With the Apps it is whenever the player decides to make a cash-out. If the player does not cash out profits, BPC will not request a profit share (we want to help you grow the bankroll and make more money faster!).
In exceptional cases BPC can ask the player to make a cash-out if it is necessary for sound bankroll management (for example if a player is already up 3k, it makes sense to make a cash-out).


Free bankroll promotion and other promotions

In case of the free bankroll promotion, the free bankroll cannot be cashed out until 100k hands are played. The free bankroll is not provided as a money gift that the player can take and run away with. The free bankroll is an investment that the player can use to grow his bankroll.
Other promotions will be given from time to time. They will be simple and easy to understand.

Play on other sites during the APP CFP

The player is free to play on other sites or in live games. We do not control nor try to waste our energy on policing. We're all adults. For the purpose of the contract, only play on the APP counts. We know it is the best place to make a lot of money. If you play a tournament on pokerstars (or other site), that is your private business. If you win, all winnings are yours. If you lose a buy-in, that is on you as well. For the purpose of CFP, we only care what is happening on the APPs. For the purpose of hands played, only those played on the app count.

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