How Does A 5k CFP Special Forces Contract Look Like?

In our SPECIAL FORCES CFP program, we use the 5k contract size.
If you would like to read the text of the contract now, you can read it below.
It does not matter whether it is HU-cash, 6-max Holdem, MTT or any other program. Terms are the same unless otherwise mentioned.
The CFP Contract
In the below contract, is mentioned as BPC.

Sharing of information / Non-Disclosure Agreement

The player will be given information from the BPC team and coaches about the coaching program and business of BPC. Under no circumstance is the player allowed to share details of the cooperation, strategy and any business details with anybody unless given written permission by BPC to do so. When in doubt what can be shared with the public, ask BPC. This ensures that you will be able to profit from what you learn and not everybody on the street gets access to this information.


Security Deposit

Before entering the CFP program, the player will pay a Security Deposit of 500 EUR to BPC. BPC will return to the player his Security Deposit after the player has successfully finished the CFP program. Before that, this Security Deposit is non-refundable. The reason for this is that our coaches are very expensive (we only work with the best) and we don’t want people to join, win a lot and run away.


Profit split

The profit split will be 50% of the full contract amount. In your case, your goal is to win 5k. In the case of a 5.000 Euro contract, 2.500 Euro goes to you, 2.500 Euro goes to BPC. After that, you have a world-class education and keep 100% of future profits to yourself! If you earn nothing, we get nothing. Simple and fair.
The player also understands that for the duration of the contract, rakeback and all type of bonuses are part of “profits”.


Coaching program and improvements

BPC has the right to change coaches or program structure in the future, to adapt to the needs of the students in the best way possible. We always innovate and introduce new formats.


Termination of the contract

The contract is automatically terminated successfully once the player has paid the full amount of the coaching for profits agreement. BPC will then return the security deposit to the player.

Quitting/Termination before the end of the contract:

The student can end the contract at any time. We understand that sometimes life happens. While we believe it is very important to not quit, you should still have that option if it is really needed. The student understands that while the total deal is 50-50, BPC claims a higher % on the first money won, because we take all the risk of giving an expensive education and high-quality coaches to the player. The first lessons learned are of course of the highest value as we share our whole system and approach basically in the first weeks. In comparison, at “normal coaching” you will pay a lot of money without any guarantee that you will win anything. Here are the exact numbers and % in case you decide to quit:

5k contract


Player Profit

% of profit

Profit owed to BPC

0 - 1000



1000 - 2000



2000 - 3000



3000 - 4000



4000 - 5000





Josh joined the 5k program 4 months ago and made 3k in profit so far. But now his wife got pregnant and his boss needs more work hours, so he doesn’t have time for poker anymore, and wants to quit the program (instead of taking a vacation). How much of the profit share does he pay according to the contract?

800+600+500 = 1.900 Euro. Since he already paid 1500 Euro up to that point (50% in BPC share payments), it is only 400 extra in order to quit (and keep all future profits for himself in case he decides to play again). He didn’t pay anything out of his pocket, only a share of his profits made inside the program.

BPC Share payments

BPC will request payments monthly, and typically between 25-50% of the player’s overall profits. We have made many exceptions (lower cash outs) for players demonstrating extra effort. If the player did not make any profits, of course no shares have to be paid. We only make money if YOU win!

The student is obliged to respond to the profit share requests and pay them.
Any issue can always be discussed with your coach and the BPC team. We have great relationships with our students. If the student has not paid the requested share within 15 days, it means loss of the security deposit, termination of the contract and share of winnings to be paid as written above.
Communication is key, and any issue can always be resolved positively, as has been the case many times in the past. 


Example A:

Frank is a 6-max student. During March, he made 940 EUR in profits at the table. At the start of April, he will receive a BPC share payment request between 240-470 EUR.


Example B

John is a very ambitious student. During March, he made 1700 EUR in profits at the table. But he wants to move up to higher limits, and needs the bankroll. He is serious, does all the homework, plays and studies practically every day. He asks BPC to postpone his March payment, and the payment is postponed. We understand that the faster the player moves up, the better it is for both sides. But the player has to demonstrate that he is really pushing for it himself. Words do not count - action speaks louder than words.


Financial decisions and bankroll management

During the contract, we expect clean accounting which is very easy to achieve. If you need to cash-out or add funds to your bankroll, it literally requires only 3 clicks in your dashboard. The student agrees to keep the accounting clean.

Extra promotions

BPC may offer extra promotions to you in form of Signup bonuses and similar. BPC reserves the right to adjust to the equivalent amount in case the poker site or other promotion partners change their terms.


Updating results and minimum requirements and vacations

The player should update his progress on each playing day in the software provided by BPC. This takes less than 30 seconds. Clean accounting is important but also easy.

We are so confident in the quality of our material and coaching that the only requirement for the player is to play 300 hours in the next year after joining. Our full-time players can play this much in one month. It really is easy. This is less than one hour per day. The rest is up to you.
The harder you work, the better your results will be, but we want to keep this as simple as possible. 

Sharing Database & Security

The student agrees to send his database whenever requested for game analysis and verification purposes. Upon request by BPC, the player will give access to his tracking program (PT/HEM etc) and access to his accounts on the poker clients in order to verify the accuracy of information given by the player. The process happens via a screen sharing on Sykpe. BPC will never ask for your passwords or other security information.


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