Why do I have to update my bankroll regularly?

Updating your bankroll is a key part of our agreement with the student.

As this is “coaching for profits”, the coach only gets paid when the student makes profits. That is why regular updating your BR (profits) in your account at is so important - and part of the CFP contract, as you can read here (LINK). We are interested in you succeeding, because coaches cost a lot of money. If you don't make money, we LOSE a lot. If you do not update your bankroll regularly, the result is the same for us.

If you break this clause and stop updating your bankroll, your account will be deactivated after 7 days of inactivity.

Look, you don’t have to be too concerned over this. We are reasonable people, and we understand things can happen sometimes in life.

It’s ok to play less on some days or even weeks if you have a full-time job or go for vacation, for example. What is not ok, is disappearing for weeks or even longer, not making any updates of your BR and not contacting anybody at BPC about it in advance.

That is breaking the terms and conditions, and being unfair to the coaches who put a lot of time and effort into leading sessions, preparing study materials, tests and other things for the students.

Again, you do not have to be worried about being kicked out if you forget to update for a few days or anything like that. We are tracking the student closely, and will send you many reminders and notifications well in advance via email and sometimes also on your personal skype.

However if you ignore all the notifications for weeks and we do not hear from you, and you make no bankroll updates, you have broken the contract and your account will be closed.

In other words, if you are gone longer than a few days, let us know! We coach you for free (until you win), so those are the rules. If you don't like this rule or other rules in CFP, we highly recommend you to check out the Shark  Academy. 



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