Why can't I participate in the VIP Grinders Rake Race?

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about the rake race. Whenever somebody says that you can’t participate in a rake race and should “contact BPC” the following is going on:

First of all, most rake races in the poker world are a scam. Either the provider is cheating (you can never check who “really” wins the big prices) or players are cheating (sharing accounts to get more rake). This is not to say that specifically VIP Grinders' rake races are "rigged", but simply reflects our position on rake races in general. We have a good relationship with VIP Grinders to offer you exclusive rake-back deals; but rake races are not a part of it, for the reasons mentioned above. We are long-time poker veterans, players, and business owners. We know what’s going on “behind the scenes”. 

In addition to that, we are asked to pay a share, which takes away money from BPC. We are not here to lose money, we teach others how to make money!
This means that BPC is asked to subsidize those deals, which is not our job and not something we will do. Whenever a rake-race is added “for free”, it’s not a problem (even if cheating is going on, as you have nothing to loose).

What we suggest you to do is contact instead or choose deals where you are “allowed” to participate in the rake-race.

We know you just want a good deal and all that business stuff, well you probably don’t care about;).

We just want to explain the situation so you know what’s going on. Again, you can contact and you will have great options there!

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