Which type of poker games can I study at the Shark Academy (such as MTT, Spin'n'go, 6max cash, Zoom, HU, PLO...) ?

Shark Academy covers the following games variants as of December 2018 (we will add more in the future):

  • NL 6-max 
  • MTTs (up to the $30 buy-in level) 
  • NL 6-max ZOOM
  • PLO 6-max up to PLO50
  • Spin & Go up to 60$ Spins


The price is already extremely low for the type of high-quality content that you are getting. The main reason we do this is because we want to show to you at a low level how to make money consistently.
Once you make money, you will want more and then (hopefully) join our Coaching For Profits programs where you will learn how to make 10k+/month. Of course, that is your choice.

Question: Why is HU-No-Limit not included?

A big part of the Heads Up information and coaching is too expensive to give away at such a low price. If you want to master Heads Up and make 10k+/month very fast, you will have to join the Coaching For Profits.

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