What is the BPC Academy and which type of content will I get access to?

In the BPC Academy you will get access to:

  • Get access to material that is highly classified (at the start only people with a 100k contract were able to access it. You can check our history for proof). It is a complete learning path that people have used to start at NL2 and make $100k in less than 9months (i know this sounds like one of those internet stories...but listen, we're the real deal. Unlike others, we actually DOCUMENT publicly and you can literally read through the daily up and downs of these people who achieved incredible success with our help... (Click here to see some of the students we're talking about

  • You have to choose one type of game to study deeper. Why? The main reason for this is that our coaches are very expensive and the material is laser targeted with scientific precision. And as you understand, this is very expensive for us, we have invested over $500k+ to research and compile these products...
    We run expensive research divisions and we test our strategies. We do this not only because we want to give you the best material, but we HAVE TO. Why? At the Coaching For Profits section, we only earn money when our players win. This forces us not to follow the latest hype or what some "smart" or "famous" players say is good. No, we actually have to find out what is GOOD FOR YOU!

  • You get personal access to coaches who crush the games TODAY, which you are going to learn. In the (group) coaching sessions you can ask all the questions you want. We actually have a guarantee that ALL questions will be answered. You can ask as much as you want !!!
    (Imagine how expensive this would be if you had to pay a coach for $100/hour on your own). Depending on the Academy, you will get all of this - and a lot more - for just $10-$30/month (take advantage of it until our accountants tell us to charge the real value...)

What else does the BPC Academy have to offer?

  • We wouldn’t be BPC is we did not tell you when you play a hand badly. However, the coaches will be very friendly motivators. They understand that not everybody is a full-time professional and they will be very patient while still giving you the necessary motivation
  • You get direct access to our coaches through live-trainings (all your questions will be answered)
  • You get the most advanced coaching system. You learn step-by-step with guidance from the best coaches in the world
  • Unlike Coaching For Profits, you keep 100% winnings to yourself. You don’t have to fill out forms, send reports
  • You don't have to sign a contract, you can cancel and leave at any time
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