Is Coaching For Profits the right program for me?

For Whom is It:

  • You love big challenges
  • You are tired of a mediocre life and have big ambitions
  • Hardcore players who have the highest ambitions at poker
  • We treat you from man to man (we welcome tough ladies as well!)
  • If you’re lazy, we call you a lazy cunt. We’re “nice” to Shark Academy members. At CFP you will pray for mercy if you don’t complete a homework
  • fully professional contract
  • Priority Support
  • Special VIP Deals
  • We receive the right to reject your application (in that case we will refund the security deposit)
  • You will have to update your bankroll daily. You receive a contract (which is exactly the T&C)


For Whom it isn’t:

  • You are sensitive to rough language, locker room talk. We don’t just “tell it like it is”...we will go even further than that. We will do everything to make you win and if that scares you in a bad way, then this is not for you. This means in practice that your coach will call you "idiot", "loser", "cunt" if he sees that this is the way you do things.

    Some students (very few) never needed to be screamed at. So we don't do this for fun, we use the "rough style" because the results and phenomenal success proves us to be right.
    If that's not your style, that's totally fine. The Shark Academy is a more friendly and respectful environment and we recommend that to you.

  • You can’t follow orders from the biggest winners that teach you how to become one yourself
  • You’re not willing to do whatever it takes, simple tasks like updating your bankroll and learning a few "how to guides" (like recording a video, preparing professionally for a coaching session)
  • You don’t have the balls and strength to go through tough times (despite our help)
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