Which programs and software should i use and have to use (at CFP)?

Each poker variant has different software solutions that help the player become better. Just see the coaching videos where we let you know about all the software you need to get optimal results.

About Coaching For Profits and Tools:

You never "have to" buy software, but most programs work best with a tracking tool (Holdem Manager, Poker Tracker) that are essential to in modern online poker to track your progress and analyze your play.

We also developed some software solutions for free. Uhlvar Equity (from our student Uhlvar) is one of them. We will give them to you for free. Whenever a third party (not BPC) develops tools, you will need to pay.

However, no worries, you don't need a lot of software or tools.

Our "CFP-Software" updates your daily results on the poker table. Since we developed it, it is of course free to use!

Do i have to pay for my own software:

Yes. In CFP and elsewhere as well since it belongs to you like your own computer. Cost is never high and you will easily be able to pay that from winnings or invest a small amount!

This is nothing to be worried about at all!

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