My CFP point request got denied. What to do to get them accepted?

CFP points are given by BPC, not the affiliates. So all BPC-point related issues have to be solved via

Next, keep in mind that CFP Points are approved once per month. At the 15th of each month we approve (or deny) all requests made. So please email us only if your problem persists after the 17th of each month!

Follow this checklist for reasons why your request got denied.

1) Please read the FAQ which you can find inside your CFP account ( on the top side.

2) Have you added a screenshot from the affiliate back-end as proof? This is the most frequent reason why points get denied

3) Did you check the minimum points required to get points or the other requirements to get points?

4) Have you played the minimum amount of hands before requesting the sign-up bonus?

If you have gone through the checklist here and you have read the FAQ and still don't know what the problem is, then please let us know ( and we will look deeper into the case. Mistakes can happen, of course, so we will make sure to solve the problem!

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