CFP Points given for accomplishments or the site i play on have changed


our CFP points are a loyalty bonus ON TOP of everything you get from the poker site and/or the affiliate. It’s the easiest way for You as a CFP student to earn more and keep more money for yourself while doing what you should be doing anyways (aka playing on the right site)!

Why sometimes changes have to be made:

Partners can change deals (remember pokerstars cutting player rewards like crazy). This means that while we support players, we don't want to lose money when the poker site makes changes.

How changes will affect you:

Points awarded in the past will not be changed or deducted because the site has changed the deal in the future. In other words, all points already awarded are always safe (unless you have requested the wrong amount/not followed our FAQs).

In other words, you're always better off with us.

What you should do about it if your deal on your favorite site got worse:

Either go along and stay on the site (like, some people play on pokerstars anyways...). Sometimes it's still worth it.
Or check the list with deals, because there are many other sites with better deals.
At the end of the day, what is MORE important than anything else is: SOFT GAMES. No bonus, no rakeback, no nothing in the world can replace weak players. So make sure you are where THEY are.

If there is anything unclear, email us.

Again, keep in mind that CFP point issues can only be dealt with BPC (not our affiliate partners), because they are not issuing those points. This is a free bonus given to you from BPC in order to reward a professional attitude.

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